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toucan vs clubhouse

Let’s clear this up.

I’d like to settle this once and for all. No, Toucan is not like Clubhouse.

We get asked about this quite a bit. As two companies starting out in the early pandemic days, people understood Clubhouse to be the closest thing to a virtual “social” app and sometimes assumed that Toucan was doing the same thing.

This is not correct.

Where we came from

Toucan came about because our founders were sick of not being able to speak to and really meet others on rigid, hierarchical video calls. On those traditional video conferencing tools, a handful of people can speak, and everyone else listens. That’s why we created a completely dynamic networking environment, where you can start any conversation you’d like and move whenever you want.

Clubhouse and Twitter Spaces

Clubhouse is more of the same. It’s one big call, where the “important” people are designated as speakers, and everybody else is left to listen. It is, essentially, one of those rigid, hierarchical video calls - sans video. And when I used to use the app, I found myself wondering less about the speakers and more about the other attendees who showed up to listen, like me.

The same applies to Twitter Spaces. I understand the draw of already having a sizable, established network on a popular social media platform; that way, those who follow you can easily tune in to your lecture/rant/conversation. But you know what’s better than a following? A community. And that’s what you get when you bring your followers together to talk to each other, instead of you being the only voice in the room.

If you’re a Clubhouse or Twitter Spaces host and haven’t checked out Toucan yet, you should - for a healthier and more engaged community.

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image of author Antonia Hellman

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