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why toucan

I get this question all the time, and it’s actually my favorite one to answer because there are so many layers. So I’m going to do it here so that it can live on the internet for all to read.

It started with the motion

When we set out to come up with a name for our platform, we thought about the movement that happens. People move directly from one place to another, they stay a while, and then they move to another group - kind of like a bird. That’s how we came up with the initial animal imagery.

Finding the right look

After scrolling through tons of lists of birds and bird names, we came across the toucan. We immediately fell in love with it for its colors, recognizability, and beauty. And on top of that, we learned that they are non-aggressive and are social by nature. (Those are just a few toucan facts for ya. 😉) The toucan bird not only looked like the perfect mascot, but its behavior mimics everything we stand for.

The play on words, of course

This is the most exciting part for me since I’m a massive language nerd. I love a good pun. So “two can” start a conversation, “two can” be a party, you get the point.

And one more extra bonus reason, if you weren’t already convinced that Toucan is the best name ever

If you put a string between two cans, it’s a telephone.

Hence, Toucan.

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image of author Antonia Hellman

Antonia Hellman

Antonia Hellman is co-founder and CEO of Toucan.

She is a recent graduate of Stanford University, having studied political science and economics.

She enjoys long walks to explore new cities, listening to audiobooks on 1.2x speed, a cup of hot water, and re-watching mediocre movies.

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