Toucan 101

Quick Tips

Sign up

1Click the “Join for Free” button at the top right corner of the website

2This will take you to the login screen. To make an account, click 'sign up'

3You can sign up with your email address, Google, Facebook, or LinkedIn accounts

Setting up your Profile

1Log in and click your avatar top right corner

2Upload your avatar, edit your profile, and add links to your social media (optional)

3This is the info that appears on your profile card during the event

Join Conversation

1Individuals: Hover over an avatar and the join button will pop up. Click to join.

2Groups: Hover a group and click on the middle join button.

3Meeting Spots: Hover a meeting spot and the join button will pop up. Click to join.

Leave Conversation

1To leave, click on the ‘leave group’ button

Send Emoticons

1Hover on the person's icon or the group that you want to send an emoticon to

2You will see a wave and a heart emoticon pop up

3Click on the one you want to send

Send Private Messages

1Click on the person's icon that you want to send a private message to

2You will see a chat bubble icon pop up

3Click on it, start typing, and send

Presenting on Stage

1Click on the orange present button at the bottom of the page

2A pop up will ask you to choose 'Spotlight' or 'Center Stage' mode

3Chose one and then click ‘start presenting’

4To stop presenting, click on the 'X' button


1Click on the purple computer icon at the bottom of the screen

2A pop up will appear for you to share your entire screen, window or tab

3Pick one of the options and click share

Create Meeting Spots

1Click on the event info tab in the bottom left of the event space

2A tab will appear, and you will see a dropdown menu titled 'Meeting Spots

3Click on it and a pop up will appear that says ‘Create a new Meeting Spot’. Type in the spot name and create!

4Tip: you can edit and remove meeting spots from the event panel

Solo “do not disturb”

1Hover over yourself and click the “do not disturb” button

2While you're set to "do not disturb", others cannot join you but they can still send you a message

3To disable “do not disturb”, hover over yourself again and click on the red button

Group “do not disturb”

1Hover over yourself the ellipsis and click the “do not disturb” button

2Other people can’t join your group while “do not disturb” is on, but they can still send you messages

3To disable “do not disturb”, click on the ellipsis button and then click red “do not disturb” button

Global chat

1Click the chat button in the bottom right corner of your screen.

2Type your message.

3Send your message to everybody in the event.

Raise hand

1Hover over your own video.

2Select the hand icon.

3Everyone in the event will be able to see that your hand is raised.

Send a message to your group

1Click the button in the middle of your group with the 3 dots.

2Select the chat emoticon.

3Type your message and send. This will go to everyone in your group.

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