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Toucan brings the natural and social interactions of real life to online events and gatherings

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Recurring meetups? Spontaneous run-ins? Longer events? Yes, please!

Toucan Spaces are for everyone: the small business owner looking to connect with their community, the team leader in a big corporation looking to help new hires find mentors, the serial networker looking to amplify their brand. The opportunities are endless.

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What is Toucan?

Watch this video and find out!

  • Up to 150 people in one space
  • Move freely between groups
  • Present
  • Share
  • Have fun!

Easy group conversations

Chat in small or large groups, up to 16 people

Free movement

Move around the space freely, just like in real life


Send an emoticon to one person, or your whole group

Private messages

Whisper to somebody by sending private messages


Take the stage and talk to everyone in the event


Share your screen with everyone at the event, or just your group

Meeting spots

Create and name spots for group conversations

Up to 150 people in one space, 16 per group, free for now...

group of people having happy hour

Happy Hour

You can chat in small or large groups, Walk around the space like in real life.

group of people at a career fair

Career Fair

You can create Meeting spots for each company, like a physical event, so users can navigate the space easily.

group of people at a seminar


You can present to the whole class and share your screen, like on a stage with a microphone.

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Birthday party

Holiday party

Quiz night

Fan club

Meet up

Family Party

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Career Fair

Work social


Networking event

Speaking event


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Class workshop

Speaking event

Class social

Homework club

Club meet ups

Happy users from all over the world

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What kinds of events can I host on Toucan?

You can host all sorts of events on Toucan! We’ve seen a number of different types of events—everything from birthday parties to weddings, from Jeopardy games to business meetings, from networking events to seminars. Toucan is designed to be flexible and to accommodate a variety of different needs. The basic idea is that, on Toucan, you can emulate in-person, group interaction. Users can see who is in the space, what conversations are going on, and choose exactly how they would like to participate. Feel free to experiment and let us know where Toucan takes you!

Who is Toucan for?

Toucan is a platform built for everyone. Whether you are a kindergarten teacher, community organizer, networker, family member, friend, or just a happy person, Toucan is for you! This platform brings people together, it’s as simple as that. At Toucan, we don’t want to tell users how they should use our platform—we want you to tell us!

How many people can I have in a Toucan space?

You can have up to 150 people in a Toucan space. In each conversation group, you can have up to 16 people. So don’t be afraid to invite all your friends! If you need to invite more people, get in touch with us

How much does Toucan cost?

Toucan is completely free! You can host as many events as you’d like.

How do I get set up with Toucan?

Facebook, Linkedin or Google account, set up your profile, and click “Create event.” You can have an event scheduled in less than 30 seconds! To invite your guests, send the unique event link via text, social media, email—whatever you’d like. What are you waiting for?

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