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Toucan Bubble Image

What is Toucan?

Toucan is a platform designed to host virtual social events. Whether you're holding a casual get-together or a company happy hour, Toucan offers a space where authentic social interactions happen. Guests can move smoothly between smaller conversations within a larger event space, making virtual events approachable, engaging, and frictionless.

With Toucan, the days of socializing over rigid video conferencing tools are over. Be a part of our journey and join the flock.



Once you're in an event, you can join a group: a smaller conversation within the larger space. Simply hover your mouse over a group or person and join with a click. While you will see other groups on your screen, you will be speaking directly with the people in your group.


Move around an event as you would in-person. Jump from group to group to join a lively conversation or a thoughtful discussion. Want to break off into a smaller group? Ask your friend to start a new one. Toucan gives you the freedom to navigate an event in your own way.

Locate Me

Done exploring the event space to see who's there? Click the target button in the bottom bar to recenter your group in the middle of the screen.


If there is more than one person in the room, we recommend using the wide screen feature to widen the frame so more people are visible!


Send gestures to others in the event to let them know how you are doing without disrupting the conversation.


Host and invited guests can talk to everyone at the event. Useful for announcements, speeches, presentations and even panel discussions.

Private Texts

Short private texts you can send to anyone in the event, including people you're talking to.

Media Sharing

Share your screen or discrete media content with your group or the whole event.

What People Are Saying


Toucan is designed for social gatherings of 8+ people. Of course, you can use it for fewer than 8 people, but what makes our platform extra special is the ability to move around and form smaller groups in a larger space.

If you need some inspiration, here are some events that our users have hosted on Toucan:

  • Casual get-togethers with friends
  • Business happy hours
  • Birthday parties
  • Family reunions (Toucan works across all borders!)
  • Staff meetings
  • Summer programs
  • Informal spaces for office banter and mentorship connections
  • ...and more!

Toucan is specifically built for social events. Unlike other platforms, Toucan allows you to choose who you connect with and how you move through the event space. The best way to see the difference is to try it out for yourself.

We are working hard to roll out Toucan for everyone. The first people to get host access are those on our waitlist. If you haven't already, sign up for our waitlist and we will send further instructions.

Let's set up a demo! We want to make sure you feel confident hosting an event on Toucan. Contact us at contact@toucan.events to schedule a demo and walkthrough.

For other FAQs please visit our Support Center.

Toucan Team

Picture of Antonia Hellman
Antonia Hellman
Picture of Ethan Hellman
Ethan Hellman
Picture of Paul Murphy
Paul Murphy
Picture of Ivo Rothschild
Ivo Rothschild
Chief Engineer


Al Lieb

Erica Jack
VP of Product and Design

Jerry Cain
Professor of Computer Science
Stanford University

Rodolfo Rosini
Entrepreneur and AI Juggernaut

Steven Hellman
Private Equity Investor and Entrepreneur

Renan Feldman
Cybersecurity Expert

Marc Boudria
AI Professional and Twitch DJ

Shawn Kung
Venture Partner and Lecturer
Stanford University

Andrea Kalmans
Startup Champion
Lontra Ventures

Scientific Collaborators

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Bilge Multu
Associate Professor of Computer Science Computer-human interaction specialist University of Wisconsin-Madison

Toucan Bubble Image

Bill Von Hippel
Professor of Social Intelligence
University of Queensland

Toucan Bubble Image

Paula Niedenthal
Professor of Affective Science
University of Wisconsin-Madison

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