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Awkward virtual networking events? Never again.

Tired of awkward social events online?

Virtual events on traditional, boxy video conferencing platforms are rigid, boring, and uncomfortable. We all know that. When was the last time you actually made a friend at one of those?

Man on boring virtual meeting

Do Toucan your way!

Toucan Events

For virtual events, big and small

Toucan free tier

Get your community together for free-flowing virtual networking. Schedule Toucan events for all occasions with specific start and end times.

  • Host up to 150 attendees
  • Events up to 3 hours
  • Expiring randomly-generated event link
  • Option to add co-hosts

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Toucan Spaces

For distributed teams of all sizes

Toucan spaces pricing tier

Your Toucan Space is your virtual HQ. Customize your permanent link and share it with your teammates, so everyone knows where to meet at any time.

  • Host up to 50 attendees
  • Fixed URL for easy recurring meetings
  • Customizable URL
  • Open 24/7 by default, close anytime
  • Set a passcode

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On Toucan, interact like you would at an in-person networking event

Time flies when you’re having fun 😎

People having fun on Toucan

112 mins

Toucan average event duration

vs. 31-60 mins industry standard

Higher engagement 🤝

People engaging on Toucan


of participants actually talk on Toucan

Compare that to your last Zoom happy hour...

Make more connections ⚡️

People connecting on Toucan

5 convos

Average number of simultaneous discussion groups in a Toucan Space

So a 1 hour-long event has 5 hours worth of conversations!

It’s easy to get started with Toucan,
no installation required

1. Sign up

People having fun on Toucan

Creating an account is easy. Log in with your Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, or email address.

2. Create an event

People engaging on Toucan

Set up event name, select date, time and you'll get an event URL

3. Share the link

People connecting on Toucan

Send the link to anyone you’d like to invite.

Tens of thousands of happy users all around the world

We wouldn’t have been able to host the event without Toucan. Nobody wants to sit on a Zoom call with 40 or 50 people

Cheryl Y

Learning and Development Manager

Compared to other software or virtual platforms, Toucan is the one that mimics real-life social networking occasions best.

Sundi M

Engineering Manager & Meetup Organizer

Toucan provides more in-person dynamics than other platforms. It is refreshing to move around and stay engaged in that way.

Michaela C

Program Manager

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Looking for inspiration?

Here are some tried and true event types that have been hosted on Toucan. Feel free to mix and match! And if you’d like to speak one-on-one with a member of our team, we’re happy to help.

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