Intuitive and natural way to socialize

Easily move around a space. Click on the join icon when you see people you’d like to talk to, just like in real-life.

  • Emoticon and private messaging
  • “About me” profile card
  • Break up into groups easily
  • Create labeled Meeting Spots
  • Share your screen with your group or with everyone at the event

Control what you want to see

While presenting, you can toggle the view to focus on just your group. Also, mix the sound to hear more or less of the presenter vs. your group’s conversation.

  • More control for individuals
  • Minimize the shared screen
  • Toggle between group shared screen and presenter screen

Interactive presentation

Our screen sharing and presentation features makes Toucan ideal for engaging, collaborative, and interactive meetings and networking events!

  • Present within your group
  • Engage with other users while presenting
  • Send and receive emoticons
  • Control the volume between presenter and group
  • Share your screen with the group

Useful tools and features

Private/group message

Talk to individuals or a whole group by sending private messages

Profile card

Display your profile, social links and website on your ‘About Me’ card

Global chat

Communicate with everyone at the event through the chat channel

Meeting spots

Create named spots for people to gather


Share your screen with everyone at the event, or just your group

Fun Emoticons

Keep meetings fun and engaging with emoticons. Send other users a heart or a wave!

People want to stay 😎

112 mins

Toucan average meeting duration

vs. 31-60 mins industry standard

Increased Engagement 🤝


of participants actually talk on Toucan

“Why do I never feel like talking on Zoom?”

Increased Connections ⚡️

5 Convos

Average number of simultaneous conversations in a Toucan Space

“Why settle for 1 when you can have, on average, 5 conversations at once?”

What’s the difference?

Toucan EventsToucan Spaces
CapacityUp to 150 participantsUp to 50 participants
Event meeting duration2 hoursUnlimited
Screen sharingEvent and groupSpace and group
Event URLOne off generated URLFixed URL
Break out groups
Global chat
Meeting spots
Open / Close

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