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One-off events are fun, but what if you could have a multi-purpose place that you could invite folks back to over and over again?

Well, now you can!

Toucan Spaces are for everyone: the small business owner looking to connect with their community, the team leader in a big corporation looking to help new hires find mentors, the serial networker looking to amplify their brand. The opportunities are endless.

Toucan Event

Virtual “real estate” that is uniquely you

Toucan events have always had a signature look.
But with Spaces, you can really make Toucan your own

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With a custom address, you can make a strong first impression on everyone you invite to your Space

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Open and close your Space whenever you’d like. It can even be open 24/7! So you can use your Space for recurring events or events that exceed 2 hours

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Create a custom passcode for extra security

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Up to 15 people on the Small team plan, up to 50 people on the Large team Plan

Create a Toucan Space today and network out of the boxes.

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