Testimonial: A reflection on Mobility Impact Partners’ Debate

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Mobility Impact Partners x Toucan

At Mobility Impact Partners, we are investing in and building a better transportation mobility ecosystem. One of the ways we do this is through a public-facing event series called Impact Debates. In these events, we bring together two protagonists who formally debate topics that we think are misunderstood; and we invite the mobility industry to attend. After the formal debate, we have a reception that tries to mimic what would happen IRL in a cocktail reception: attendees could mingle among themselves, meet the speakers, visit relevant company booths, etc.

When we first launched this event series, we hosted it on Zoom. From a practical standpoint, Zoom worked fine for the debate. But there was no way to mimic a reception through Zoom. And frankly, our participants are burned out from Zoom calls already. We needed a more organic and “fun” way for our attendees to network and share ideas.

For our latest event, we transitioned to Toucan. The team was stellar at helping us with all the nuances of using a new platform and made our lives even easier by providing a service to manage the overall event: managing polling, live streaming, and monitoring chats and inquiries to ensure there were no issues.

The whole event went off without a problem. We’ve received super positive feedback from our attendees: they enjoyed the functionality of Toucan, the ability to move between conversations and interact more organically; and for some, simply not having to sit through another perfunctory Zoom call. We’ll be using Toucan going forward for all our Impact Debates; and more broadly, for any instance where we want attendees to communicate among themselves.

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Amar Pradhan

Amar Pradhan is a Partner at Mobility Impact Partners, a venture capital firm that invests in companies changing the ecosystem of ground transportation.

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