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Have you heard of Toucan Spaces? If so, I hope you already have one (and use it!). 😉 If not, here’s the overview. Toucan Spaces is the coolest way to experience Toucan. What’s great about Spaces is that you can customize it more than you can events. Choose a custom URL - this could be your name, your company, your organization, etc. You can also set a passcode, which you can’t do for individual one-off events. Then send that link out to whomever you’d like. The Space won’t close unless you close it, so feel free to use it 24/7.

We offer two plans for Spaces: the Small Team Plan and the Large Team Plan. The difference between these plans is the number of people you can have in your Space at one time. With a Small Team Plan, you can host up to 15 attendees; with a Large Team Plan, you can host up to 50.

At the moment, both of these plans only allow you to have one Space.

If you created a Toucan Space to test it out, not knowing that you’d only be able to create one, and are now stuck with a URL like, “toucan-test,” “test-space,” “companytest,” or “tryingthisout,” you may not want to send that link out to other people. Don’t worry, there’s an easy fix. Just delete the Space! Once you’ve deleted your test Space, you can create a new one with a more desirable URL (as long as it isn’t already taken).

First, go to your Toucan homepage. There, you should see your Space listed up at the top, along with any other Spaces you have entered or been invited to. Click on your Space card. Once you’re on the Space info page, select “Edit this space.” In the settings on the “Basic Info” page, scroll down to the bottom and click “Delete this Space.” You’ll no longer have a test Space; feel free to make a new one.

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Antonia Hellman

Antonia Hellman is co-founder and CEO of Toucan.

She is a recent graduate of Stanford University, having studied political science and economics.

She enjoys long walks to explore new cities, listening to audiobooks on 1.2x speed, a cup of hot water, and re-watching mediocre movies.

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