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Socializing Routine Introvert

Hey there - I am Sara, and I am 100% an introvert. 🙋‍♀️Trust me, I have done lots of online quizzes! When it comes to socializing, the pain can be real over here. And the hardest part is: I know how important it is, yet I really struggle with it. That’s why I am sharing some tips and tricks that won’t just help you survive, but thrive and help you improve your social skills as an introvert. Here they are!

Try to make others feel comfortable and good

Makes sense, right? Knowing that social interactions sometimes cause you lots of stress and anxiety will help you empathize with others. You never know how others are feeling about it too! Empathy is the key to making meaningful friendships in general; don’t forget it.

Plan ahead and book in advance

This way you won’t miss it, even if you want to. Start thinking about your social life in a more practical way, like work. Plan meeting up with friends, both online and offline. 🗓️

As an introvert, this is something I like to do because I really struggle with spontaneous hangouts. And since things are always popping up, it’s really important to consult on how busy other people’s lives are. And the best part is… once meeting up with friends becomes part of your routine, you may find that you feel less stressed before you go out!

Try to turn normal activities into socializing opportunities

Do you go to the gym or attend regular classes? Invite a friend to go with you! You can do what you were supposed to do and socialize at the same time - brilliant, right? Are you planning to visit a new restaurant? Invite a friend to go with you on your lunch break! This one might shock you but I invite friends over when I am doing my chores. Chatting goes perfectly with ironing. Time will go by way faster and in the end, you both can relax for a bit - win/win!

Always find time to recharge

This one is life-changing. When you are an introvert or not the biggest fan of socializing, social events can leave you exhausted and feeling drained - mentally, emotionally, and physically. Don’t fight that mood and exhaustion. Make sure that you build time into the following day to fully recharge. This won’t by any means make socializing easy. But it will make you worry less about it.

Online 👏 Online 👏 Online 👏

Not all introverts are the same, but many of us prefer online social events over in-person ones. How great is it that you can be at home, chilling in comfortable clothes, surrounded by all the things you love, AND socializing at the same time? I know that it makes me way less tired and stressed. This is why more dynamic social-first video platforms like Toucan are so important. My favorite things to do? Online board games, virtual movie nights, just a simple old-fashioned chat, online workouts. The possibilities are endless!

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