Toucan’s response to NYC’s senseless cancellation of the snow day

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NYCs snowdays cancellation

A few days ago, the city of New York announced the end of an age-old presence, a staple, in all of our lives. I’m talking about the snow day.

The school board announced that, on days when snowfall inhibits students and teachers from getting to school, classes will go virtual. Instead of canceling school for the day and allowing kids to enjoy the snow, spend time with their families, and take the opportunity to catch up on some work, New York will jump right back into covid-era education.

As much as I’m devoted to creating the best environment for people to get together virtually, and as much as I’m a believer that connecting with groups online is the future, I’m devastated to hear this news from New York.

Anyone who knows me knows that I’m a huge fan of school. I love learning, and in my youth, I was what some may call a “teacher’s pet.” I’m the last person to encourage students to slack off or cut class. Rather, I remember how much joy snow days brought me, and I’m heartbroken to hear that kids these days won’t get to experience that same feeling. I don't think I'm alone in saying that there was a part of me that looked forward to snow days year round.

Unfortunately, I must face the fact that there's very little that I or this blog post can do to change NYC School Chancellor David C. Banks' mind. But what I can do is use my voice and the Toucan platform to advocate for the children, who are now going to be stuck in dreary virtual boxes when they should be out having snowball fights.

Please, if you are a NYC school teacher, let us help you. Get a Toucan subscription for the winter - at the very least. Be prepared with a more fun, dynamic platform for group work and interactive learning, so your students don't have to spend the whole day on those boring, rigid platforms. Nobody wants that. Trust me, I've been there. And I can't imagine how unpleasant it is for younger students. Get a Toucan account - for the children.

In anticipation of these snow days and the various curveballs that come with being a teacher, we have a discount for all education users. Please reach out to us to get the discount code, we'll happily share it with you. Again, for the children.

Long live the #snowday.

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