Top 8 Remote Work & Productivity Tools (2022 updated)

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It’s no secret that distributed teams need quite a few tools and applications to allow them to manage their everyday work with ease. Luckily, there’s a huge variety of tools in the market to choose from. In this blog post, we’ve decided to brainstorm and write down a list of our top remote work and productivity tools.

Our top 8 remote work and productivity tools

Slack 🧑‍💻

Slack is a no-brainer in terms of chat and asynchronous communication. It is great because it integrates with other software and tools and keeps everyone involved. It’s also an effective platform for boosting engagement and celebrating one another.

Loom 🎙

Loom is an excellent tool for remote teams since it allows you to record and share messages in the form of short videos on your computer. For example, you can easily create a step-by-step tutorial for a new team member. Loom is a must-have for asynchronous workers. Say goodbye to writing long messages - send a video instead!

Evernote 📝

Evernote is a note-taking app that syncs automatically across devices and can help you manage your work. From taking notes to writing reports, to organizing thoughts, images, or ideas, members of our team have come to rely on it.

Airtable 🗂

Airtable is a database management tool that has templates and tutorials to help you organize your work and content. It is a great tool for collaboration and it also integrates with a wide variety of other apps, such as Trello, Github, Basecamp, Google Drive, and so on. Our marketing team loves using it for our social media content calendar.

Grammarly ✍️

Since we are an international team, some of the non-native English-speaking members on our team rely on Grammarly.

It is an effective way to catch basic mistakes in grammar, punctuation, or spelling. The best part is that it corrects your writing on multiple platforms and places, such as websites, Word documents, social media channels, and tools such as Slack. It is super easy to use, and most people can get by by just using the free version.

Superhuman 📧

Superhuman is an email management tool that helps you increase the speed at which you go through your emails. Its minimalist aesthetic and keyboard shortcuts are what make it so powerful to organize email inboxes, scheduling emails, use email templates, etc. If you have multiple email accounts and want help decluttering your inbox, you may want to check this one out.

Cluvio #

Cluvio is a cloud analytics platform that allows you to create interactive dashboards based on your company’s data. The features Cluvio supports are very handy, and the tool is overall very easy to use, with a super intuitive UI and useful graphic features.

The dashboards we built on Cluvio are the best way for us to check product performance, client success, usage trends, etc.

Toucan 🎥

We use Toucan as our virtual workspace. A flexible video conferencing type of tool is super important to take meetings, conduct interviews, host social activities, and have work-related gatherings.

We use our own private Toucan Space - The Toucan Lounge - as a 24/7 office. Everybody knows to go to that same link for every call.

If you would like to learn more about our plans for remote teams, you can always check out this page:

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