5 Tips to Host Your Online Networking Event

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One thing that this past year has taught us is that virtually anything can be done online. That’s right, even networking. That’s why we’ve put together online networking event tips to guide you through your first event.

At Toucan, we’ve seen time and time again that if you get it right, online networking events can be hugely successful.

1. Publicize it!

First things first, spread the word. Our tip to you is to use your strongest channels, whether this be emails, Facebook, Linkedin, or Instagram.

Telling your existing network that you are hosting the event encourages sign ups. Also, it increases the chances that they will tell their friends about the event. So don’t forget to distribute an event link that they can share.

Top tip: Publicize post-event as well. A successful event can lead to great content, connections, and new community members.

2. Be clear about the event's purpose

The more purpose-driven your networking event is, the more likely it is to succeed! This applies to picking out the right event name, the description, and the wording you choose when you publicize it.

Remember, keep it simple and short. No one’s going to stop and notice a long event name on their timeline. But they will click on it if it catches their eye and has a purpose that interests them.

3. Help your guests be prepared

An important lesson I’ve learned with online events is never to assume that people have all the information they need.

Firstly, make sure your guests know how to set up an account on the platform where the event will be hosted. For Toucan, we send the newest members of our Flock to the getting started page. These types of guides should also be accessible for the online location of your choice.

Secondly, send your guests any other relevant information for your specific online networking event. This can be any number of things, whether it’s adding their Linkedin, or filling out an ‘About Me’ card, the more prepared your guests feel, the more they’ll enjoy the event! Trust us, we learned this during our first baking social and have since become pros.

4. Keep it interesting

This is key. The last thing you want is people showing up and leaving after 10 minutes. To keep it engaging, plan ahead. Have a schedule of activities or announcements throughout the event.  For example, after 20 minutes, make an announcement for everyone to join a new group to meet other members!

Speed online networking events - who would have thought this was the future?!

5. Follow up with your guests

Check-in with your guests! The best thing you can do is learn from your events. Find out what everyone loved and what they would have wanted more of from the online networking event.

This is a great opportunity to connect with your community and establish a dialogue.

You’re ready!

There you go, five tips for your first online networking event. The main thing is to enjoy it. If you do, then so will your guests! Follow these easy steps and you’ll be a pro in no time. Good luck ☘️

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