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Code Beam

Our team always loves hearing about new applications for Toucan, and one of the most interesting ones has been conferences. There have been several hosted on our platform in the past few months, one of which was the Code BEAM virtual conference.

The Code BEAM conference is a multi-day event focused on applications of the Erlang and Elixir coding languages. Francesco Cesarini and John Baughen organized a virtual Code BEAM this year and used Toucan for the networking component of their event. And it was a huge hit!

Throw events to build community.

That’s the purpose of the Code BEAM conference - and most virtual conferences, really. Conferences centered around one particular topic bring people together from all over to learn, discuss, collaborate, and network. The networking bit is key; it creates bonds and interpersonal connections among members of interest groups, which can, in turn, result in job opportunities, mentorship, and friendship.

This is where Toucan comes in. We’ve had so many virtual conference organizers come to us and say exactly what John and Francesco told us: “We only wish we had found Toucan earlier!” Creating a virtual networking environment close to an in-person one has been a challenge for so many organizers that aren’t familiar with Toucan. But once they begin using our platform, they realize that holding a conference without a solid networking solution is incredibly detrimental to the overall conference experience.

It’s just so easy.

That’s one thing that makes Toucan so great - and something that both Francesco and John mentioned when giving advice to future Toucan hosts. When you’re running a conference, the last thing you want to do is spend time wrapping your head around some complicated software. Toucan is the exact opposite of that. All you need to do is create the event itself, send out the link, and then wait for the “ding, ding, ding” of your guests arriving. “It’s simple and intuitive, and there’s no clutter.”

Not having to worry about learning complicated new software means that you can focus on enjoying yourself. “Be yourself. Have a good time and network. Meet old friends and make new ones!”

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