8 virtual event ideas to make yours stand out

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Want to make your event your most successful one yet? This guide is exactly what you’re looking for. Whether you’re a pro host or a first time one, these event ideas will help make your events smash successes.

Virtual event ideas for your friends

1. Virtual quiz

Hosting a virtual quiz is fun and easy! It only takes a little prep beforehand.  Pick a theme, research some fun facts, and write as many questions as you’d like. We recommend writing about 20-30 questions and asking them at a reasonably quick pace, just to ensure that the event keeps flowing smoothly. The more prepared you are, the more fun you’ll have.

At Toucan, we did quite a few quizzes so we think we’re semi-pros now. One of the best features for this type of event is Presenter Mode! It means you can ask questions to everyone in the space while they discuss privately in their groups. It makes the whole quiz fun and easy.

2. Online baking class

This is quite a hands-on event, so make sure you’re ready to take on the challenge! When we hosted our first online baking class we worked out some snags so that, with our help, you don’t have to. This can be a really fun and interactive virtual event. And, on top of that, it leaves your attendees with something delicious to eat afterwards!

3. Cocktail-making class

This one’s another hands-on idea, but it’s super fun, it’s easy to get ingredients, and it’s a great ice-breaker! Have your attendees get in groups and do it as a team. Even if you aren’t a professional mixologist, you can learn a few recipes and go through them with the class! Get your shakers ready for this out-there event.

4. Drag Bingo

Yes, virtual drag bingo is a thing and yes, it is amazing. This has been my favorite virtual event so far.

To organize this kind of event, you’ll have to find a drag queen that does these types of events to run the show for you. Find a group of friends, or even do it as an office social, and get ready to spend an hour smiling.

5. Virtual escape room

This can be a really amazing group activity for friends and co-workers! There are some amazing companies that run live virtual events, like Agent Venture. This will encourage your attendees to break up into small groups and actively participate. Get together, solve a puzzle, and compete for prizes!

Professional virtual event ideas

6. Speed networking

The power of the internet paired with the future of remote and hybrid work makes this the perfect virtual event idea. With a platform like Toucan, online networking is easy. Jump from group to group connecting with other attendees. It creates a great environment to connect, network, and meet new people.

7. Bring in experts for a fireside chat

What does your network want to learn about? This is a great opportunity to engage and grow your community. Thanks to professional networks and the power of the internet, we are able to reach out to experts all over the world. Reach out and set up a fireside chat followed by a Q&A session.

8. Expert panel

If you’re looking for something more formal, you may be leaning towards putting together an expert panel. For this type of event, you’ll need to pick a topic that will interest both your community and potential speakers. Get 3-4 experts together and prepare some exciting topics to discuss. Keep it light and interesting so that your guests feel involved, even if they’re just watching.

Now that you have a theme picked, you’re ready for your first virtual event

I hope that one of these eight virtual event ideas stood out to you! Once you have a theme picked, the rest is easy. Get your community together and don’t forget to tag us if you share it on your socials!

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