7 reasons to hire a professional event planner

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why you should hire a professional event planner

Have you ever been responsible for organizing an event and felt wildly overwhelmed and anxious? In situations like these, it can be smart to consider bringing on a professional event planner to take some things off your plate.

Whether we are talking about in-person or online events, the struggle is real. There’s so much to take care of and remember. Sometimes, it can be difficult to manage a thousand things at once. And other times, you might not even know where to start. In all of these cases, having some professional help makes all the difference.

A few reasons why you might hire an event planner

Hiring a professional event planner by no means implies that you can’t handle hosting your event on your own. There are so many reasons why you might hire one that includes, but are not limited to…

…you’re watching your budget

Hiring an event planner can save you time and money. You might think that doing so would be expensive - and don’t get me wrong, it can be. But the price range tends to be super vast. In many cases, though, you might actually find yourself saving a ton of money.

When planning an event, lots of people struggle with spending their money optimally. A professional, on the other hand, know all sorts of secrets and can guide you toward the best investments. Additionally, an event planner can take some of the more mundane, stressful tasks off of your to-do list, such as: meeting sponsors, event invitations, and taking care of event marketing; thus, they save you time. And when it comes to planning events, there’s nothing more valuable than your time.

…you want to reduce your own stress levels

Unfortunately, for so many events, the person who plans them tends to enjoy them the least. And that doesn’t seem fair. Juggling all the event details can be all-consuming and anxiety-provoking. Sometimes, they can be so weighty that you’re just counting down the seconds until the event is over.

If you hire a professional event planner, they will not only teach you all the shortcuts you need to know to make your life easier, but they’ll also assume many of your responsibilities. You can breathe easier.

Keep in mind that even if you hire a professional there’s a chance that something might not go exactly according to the plan. But in those moments, it’s always helpful to have someone around that’s seen it all. They’ll know how to handle practically anything that comes up.

…you’re organized but could use some help

Planning a successful event requires a lot of knowledge and a lot of time to handle all the moving parts. So, if you don’t have a lot of experience and have an infinite number of tasks on your to-do list, it is very easy for some things to fall to the wayside.

That’s why you need an event planner with strong organizational and management skills to deal with all the event-world chaos. If you start preparing the event some time in advance - which we highly recommend! - you will be able to keep everything organized, planned, and structured. And you’ll be able to get all the pieces in place without stressing yourself and your team out. Who doesn’t want that?

Asking for help is not a sign of weakness, nor does it mean that you’re incapable of throwing the event on your own. It just means that you know yourself well and have a strong desire to show your attendees a great time.

…you have a specific vision

An event planner has all the tools to make your vision a reality. With knowledge of your audience, culture, and goals, they will work together with you to create a custom experience that matches whatever’s living in your imagination.

They help you find the perfect balance between thinking outside the box and using common practices. They know information that you don’t, can help you personalize the whole experience, and will make sure your event (virtual or in-person) is well-thought-out - as opposed to something thrown together at the last minute.

…you want to go big

If you’re thinking of throwing a massive bash with lots of bells and whistles, you’re probably going to want to enlist some help. When it comes to super creative blowout events, it’s good to have extra eyes, ears, hands, and minds focused on executing it all. It simply increases the odds of success.

…you have specific goals to achieve

Professional event planners know how to tailor an event experience to meet your objectives. If you’re concerned about branding, engagement, and marketing stats, an event planner can ensure that your event has all the right tools baked into it. For more corporate events, in particular, it’s great to have measurable goals, so you gain an understanding of your event’s success.

When it comes to events, typically the most important factor is engagement. Engaging an audience is not easy, and it’s what sets a good event apart from a terrible one. An event planner knows how to get the energy flowing and the snags you might hit. This is where virtual event planners’ knowledge diverges a bit from in-person event planners’. So you might want to ask event planners about this before you start working with them.

…you want everyone to have a great time - including yourself.

When in doubt, consult a professional event planner. There’s very little downside. Worst case scenario, you learn something. In the best-case scenario, you - as a team - knock your event out of the park.

We’ve seen so many events over the past few years, so we know a thing or two about what makes an event engaging. That’s why we have our own Toucan Production team. We’re here to help guide you as much as you want us to: whether that means brainstorming how you could pull off an event in the early stages of being present at your event as tech support and everything in between.

If you’d like to chat with a Toucan Producer about how you can spice up your upcoming events, please reach out to shaily@toucan.events.

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